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Fiightback originated as a small secret group about seven years ago after a numbers of us were accused. We found each other and supported each other. We found other groups that supported us and we slowly grew in number.


After the Royal college of nursing published the Fii masterclass slides a small number of accused and non accused mums saw the need to expand the group and start campaigning against the flood of accusations that were coming in and Fiightback was born June 2017. 


We offer peer support to those accused of Fii and seek to raise awareness of the issue and the epidemic of false accusations. We will also support those, very rare cases,  where there may be some basis to the claims, as at present, there is no support put in place for these individuals who are suffering from a mental illness, but are met with criminal proceedings. 


Most of all we will listen to your circumstances and not pass judgement on you and assist you to work with services in order to hopefully gain the best outcome for the children. 


As a rule we do not do anything without your permission. We believe it is very important that you feel in control. We do not share your information/story with anyone without your permission.


We value  the trust of parents who feel betrayed by those who should help and support.  

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