Can you help with my ombudsman complaint?

Can you help with my ombudsman complaint?

The short answer is no.

Here at Fiightback we have only 4 volunteers who are available 24/7 to parents who are at risk of losing, or have lost their children. We talk to many people through the stress and hazards of the UK child “protection” service and family courts. We attend meetings as advocates where we can.

We are also working behind the scenes, compiling data and talking to charities and professional organisations to highlight the plight of the many families we represent. Last year we went down to London and talked to the Royal College of Paediatric Health about their review of Fabricated and induced Illness. This year we have so far, we have a meeting with EDS international to present case studies and data and, of course, Melodys inquest.

I know that many of you are looking for “justice” but we dont believe that “justice” is prevalent in the current child protection and family court systems. We are working for change, and while we work for change, we are working to keep families together and most importantly, children safe.

We also have found in our data that 68% of families accused of Fii, found themselves in that situation due to complaining. We know families who, on a pursuit of “justice” have ended up banned from local NHS services. Please do not think that we advise restraint when making complaints for any other reason than to keep children safe and keep families together.

We also all have children with SEND needs and all the admin have chronic illness and many other things going on in our lives. We represent you, because we ARE you.

Please also remember that the phone line is manned by one person and try and keep calls within office hours if at all possible.

Dawn Sharples and the Fiightback team

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