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May Update 2019

Fiightback Update May 2019

Growing press interest feels like real change may be a step closer, after ‘5Live Investigates’ ran an hour long live article last Sunday (5th May 2019) (

This followed an earlier article ( in March and they continue to be interested in the developing story of what is looking like a national scandal that will dwarf the Cleveland Scandal of 1987.

Mainstream media are now in regular contact with us and a number of well known journalists and broadcasters are now investigating and in the coming months we expect a national and local surge of exposure of the cruel, unjust and totally misplaced attacks on innocent families.

Increase in cases

Fiightback usually receives a number of new cases each week, and although there are peaks at various times of the year, the steady trickle has grown over the years.

However, following Sundays 5Live programme we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of new cases and indeed the first 4 days following the broadcast, Fiightback received 26 new cases. We expect more cases to continue to come in as word spreads of our existence and indeed after the first 5 Live March broadcast we had an additional 46 cases in the following weeks.

Sadly, we still believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and despite now having worked with around 700 cases, the numbers of new cases each month continue to rise. It is thanks to the growing numbers of volunteers, who give up their time and efforts for free, most of whom have been victims of the FII scandal themselves, that we are able to cope with the demand.


If you have been accused of Fabricating or Induced illness (formally known as Münchausen syndrome by proxy), please don’t hesitate to contact us in full confidence for impartial advice and help. Even if your case is now closed we are happy to support you in rebuilding your life.

Contact us

We have no funding at the moment and if you would like to assist us please donate at our fund me page.

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