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Hi everyone! I'm a late diagnosed autistic adult and the father of two children with autism. In 2005, when my children were aged 8 years and six years respectively, our family was investigated by Social Services and the result was , and I quote "parents must be commended for seeking a medical diagnosis for their children." 14 months later, by seeking autistic assessments on our children, they were placed on the Child Protection Register for , and I quote again : "seeking a medical diagnosis"-in other words for following Social Services' own advice! Despite all of the medical evidence we presented, some form the same professionals at Conference(!) our children remained on the At Risk Register for 14 long months, despite the CP Committee-appointed independent psychologist concluding there were no concerns about our psychological profile or behaviour, other than always wanting to act in our children's best interests! When our children were removed from the Register, I was recommended for an autism assessment and was diagnosed within a few months. My son was also diagnosed as autistic. My daugther had to wait a further 7 years for her diagnosis, because once the CP interest was found in her medical history, she was diagnosed with everything except autism , including: non-verbal learning disability, sensory processing disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, dyspraxia, obsessive compulsive disorder and mild intellectual disability!

Over the past few years, my daughter has developed seizures and a degenerative neurological disorder, and now has a permanent PEG tube fitted, is doubly incontinent and has no movement below her waist. Last year, she was having uncontrolled seizures and was admitted to hospital. However, once these were finally controlled, she was accused of "fakery" and the hospital tried to prevent her return home-at the height of the COVID pandemic. Currently, the hosptial is being investigated for safeguarding, GDPR concerns and repeated misdiagnosis. This has spearked my renewed interest in figting for the rights of all parents accused of FII to be allowed access to medical records and to be independently investigated, to avoid any conflict of interest. I am now an independent autism speaker, tariner, advocate and writer and have joined forces with other professionals who are seeking to stop the persectution of parents.

If you want to share your story (anonymously), you can contact me by emailing me at

David Crisp